Fun stuff

Here are some ideas for games for students with different levels proficiency in Hindi.

1. Whispering game- Divide the class into two. Ask one student from each group to come up with a word with a given alphabet. The first student whispers the word to the second student and the second to the third, until all students in that group have heard the word. The last student to hear the word says the word aloud. If the word is correct (i.e., it is same as what was whispered by the first student), the team gets a point. The game can be played with as many words as time permits. The team with most correct words wins.

2. Words with an alphabet – Divide the class into two. Both groups take turns saying words that start with an alphabet. If one group gives a wrong word and no one from that group corrects it, that group loses a point. The group with most point wins.

3. Find the following words-

4. Words that do not belong- This game can be used to expand vocabulary and to learn words with maatraas and half letters and words that are
either masculine or feminine. Divide the class into two groups. Take words from a category and add a word that does not belong. Each group takes
turn to discuss why a word does or does not belong. Group that get most correct answers wins.

5. Building up a chain- Divide the class into two or more groups. Ask students from each group to make 5 sentences about things they do,
1) in the morning;
2) before going to bed;
3) while visiting a friend, etc.
The group that makes most sentences wins.