Level IV


Students must
• know the Hindi alphabet, maatraa, forms of consonants
• know rudimentary grammar (order of subject, verb, some pronouns and verbs that go with it)

Course Objectives
1. Students will solidify their knowledge of the alphabet, maatraa, half letters and other forms of consonants 
2. Students will reinforce previously learnt words and learn new words from these categories – nature, time, TV, radio, weather, direction, activity-related, taste, smell, profession, flowers, transportation, weekdays, months, government-related
3. Students will learn to count to 50 (not necessarily 1-50, could be 30,35,40,50..).
4. Students will know their family member’s names and names of a few others in Hindi
5. Students will start building up grammar: nouns, gender, number, pronoun, verb
6. Student will be able to have simple conversation (7-10 sentences) in Hindi, and understand a lot of spoken Hindi

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